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Junior Hurricanes Coaching Philosophy
  The Junior Hurricanes Coaching Philosophy centers...
Coaching Registration and Background Check Requirements
  Every Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager...
They Ask Me Why I Coach Hockey
  They ask me why I coach hockey? And I reply, Where...
Junior Hurricanes Coaching Philosophy

The Junior Hurricanes Coaching Philosophy centers around these core principles:

  1. Provide opportunities for everyone to play in every situation.
  2. Focus on developing all players. Putting players in the appropriate situations to succeed.
  3. Playing time is earned.
  4. Every day is a new game. You can redeem yourself with the appropriate effort and commitment.
  5. Be consistent in teaching, praising and disciplining players.
  6. Conduct ourselves in way that is consistent with our core values (hard work, commitment, respect, …).


Coaches have the freedom to base opportunities on who they are competing against. Coaches should have the goal during the first part of the season (Aug-Dec) of developing the deepest bench they can. 

The use of specific power play and penalty kill lines will be de emphasized at younger age groups (PW). 

Conduct consistent with core values applies to players and coaches alike.

Coaching Registration and Background Check Requirements

Every Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager must complete a USA Hockey Background Check every three years.  Full details, instructions, expiration information, and FAQ can be found on the CAHA Screening Program page.

Click Here to visit the the CAHA site.

All coaches must also be registered for the current season with USA Hockey.

They Ask Me Why I Coach Hockey
They ask me why I coach hockey?
And I reply,
Where could I find better company?
There skates a statesman,
Strong, unbiased, wise
Another future Webster
And there goes a doctor
Whose quick, steady hands
Can mend a bone,
Or stem the life blood’s flow.
A builder skates beside him-
Upward rise
The arches of a skyscraper he will build, wherein
That leader will guide with character and integrity
And lead stumbling individuals to team success
And all about skates
A salesman, store owner, teachers,
Laborers, men and women
Who work and vote and build
And plan for a great tomorrow
And I say
“I may not see the skyscraper,
Or see the leaders at work,
Or see what they have all built
And yet I may.
And later I may say, “I knew that person as a kid,
And he was strong,
Or weak, or kind, or proud,
Or bold, or happy.
I knew them once
But then they were only kids.”
They ask me why I coach hockey, and I reply,
“Where could I find better company?”


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