P.O. Box 61400, Raleigh, NC 27661



Game Format and Tournament Rules:

  • 5-game guarantee against other NHL-sponsored youth hockey clubs
    • Two games Saturday, Two games Sunday, and One game Monday
      • Allows for travel in on Friday night, and travel out at a reasonable time on Monday (games will end no later than 3:15 p.m. Monday)
    • Total number of teams entered will determine final schedule of games
  • Set cost of $1,800 per team to participate in one weekend showcase
    • Includes ice time, referees and scorekeeper
    • No Admission Fee charged to spectators
    • Awards for “Cup” Champions
    • Goody Bag for all participants
  • Winners will receive a “NHL Youth Cup Champion” Banner
  • NHL Youth Cup website will be utilized to report individual game results, statistics and standings
  • USA Hockey rules will apply, and all participating teams must be USA Hockey members

Game Format

  • All games will be three fifteen-minute, stop time periods
  • Running time will commence in the third period of any game where the score differential is five goals or more; stop time will only be used if/when the score differential becomes two
  • Tied games will proceed with a 5-minute 5v5 Overtime, followed by a 3-player Shootout, if necessary
  • Point system: Three (3) points for a win in regulation, Two (2) points for a win in Overtime or Shootout and One (1) point for a loss in Overtime or Shootout

Tie Breakers

Tiebreaker #1:

Winner of head to head games played between the two tied teams (**This tie breaker does not apply if three teams are tied**)

Tiebreaker #2:

Most wins

Tiebreaker #3:

Best total goal differential quotient - Total goals scored divided by total goals against

Tiebreaker #4:

Least goals against