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8U Developmental A Program Announcement - Agreement with Polar

The Carolina Junior Hurricanes/RYHA and Polar Ice House are pleased to announce an agreement and partnership to bring our 8U programs back together under one unified program administered by Polar Ice beginning with the 2014-2015 season. As such, the Junior Hurricanes/RYHA will not offer a separate 8U Developmental A program.

Under the agreement, the Junior Hurricanes will act in an advisory role and provide coach and player development resources to help build a strong and vibrant 8U program. The agreement also allows for RYHA to offer optional House Select tournament teams to all Polar House program age groups. These house select tournament teams will compete as Carolina Junior Hurricanes at various tournaments during the season.

The Polar Junior Hurricanes 8U program will mimic the multi-tiered 8U ADM program formerly run under the RYHA House program. Tiers will be based on both age and skill with an 6U and upper/lower 8U divisions.

Full details of the Polar 8U program can be found at Polar House Program

Those who had already registered for the RYHA 8U Developmental A program evaluations will receive a refund shortly.